Friday, August 04, 2006

15 week update

Books from Jason and Heather

Onsies from Tracey and Scott

Twins Magazine subscription and books from Grandma and Grandpa Edgar

15 week belly picture

As you can see we recieved more generous gifts from family and friends. Kevin and I appreciate it very much! I already had to clear out the closet of our stuff in the babies new nursery to replace it with their stuff.

Today's Dr.'s appointment went great! We talked about the risks of pre-term labor with twins and the Dr. suggested I start a weekly injection of hydroxyprogesterone. It is the same form of progesterone that the placenta already makes on its own and studies have proven that it can reduce your chances for pre-term labor by 30-40 percent and there are no side effects so we agreed.

We also discussed the possibililty of bedrest and the dr. says it is inevitable. I will probably stop working around 24 weeks (Beginning of October) depending on how things go and a majority of my day will be spent on the couch. I gained 6 lbs. in the past 2 weeks, the dr. thought it was a nurse's mistake on my chart, but it wasn't! My total weight gain so far has been about 18 lbs and he said that is great.

After discussing all our concerns the dr. gave us an ultrasound. He said both babies are the correct size and the amount of fluid surrounding them is good. In his words everything looked "perfect" so we were very happy to hear that.

The big day to find out what sexes the babies are will be on August 25th. So the 3 week countdown begins.....we can't wait!