Friday, August 18, 2006

Dad To Be...Warning:Sappy Post!!!!

Kevin, Claire and Grant constructing Hillbilly Horseshoes.

I have to brag, I think Kevin is going to be an outstanding father! Yesterday Grant and Claire came over for a visit while their parents were getting crazy in Vegas on a well deserved vacation. The kids helped Kevin construct Hillbilly Horseshoes. It's some wierd game with golfballs on a string that one hopes to wrap around the plastic pipe structure seen above. The kids loved every minute of it and really enjoyed the time spent with their uncle. This was just another example, one of many, of how great of a dad Kevin will be to our twins. I can't wait to see him carrying around two little babies, one in each arm. And one thing I anticipate the most is the excitement and laughter they'll have everyday when their daddy comes home from work and walks through the door. Can you tell I think the world of my husband?

On a less emotional/hormonal note, there isn't much to report about the pregnancy this past week. Things have been most uneventful and that is exactly how we hope to keep them. I'm impatiently waiting for those infamous "butterflies" in your stomach or just an all out kick but so far nada. No movement to report.

Something to look forward to: Only one week left till the big ultrasound!
Something to run from: Only 11 days left till I turn into a pumpkin and have to go back to the real world.

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Anonymous said...

I am soooo very happy for you two(make that four). After knowing you the better part of almost 5 years I know how much you wanted to have a baby. You two have been blessed with two!!! Being a mother of twins also I hope that all the grandmas and grandpas and friends are ready to lend a hand when they come. It is the most exciting and exhausting thing that I have ever done. I am pretty sure you need two boys to keep your lives topsy turvy, hopefully you'll have a girl and a boy and everyone will be happy!!! God bless you and keep everyone safe and sound. Maggie