Friday, August 25, 2006

I've been seriously outnumbered

To save our children from future embarassment we won't reveal whose little dinky this is between the legs.
Baby B's profile
Baby A's (the thumbsucker) profile

Well, I guessed it right all along. I knew there was no way that Kevin could possibly produce anything remotely feminine. With his all consuming obbsession with sports and complete disregard for style and appearances it had to be TWO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Kevin my dreams of pig tails, french braids, and pink dresses have been squashed so I couldn't resist. In all seriousness both of us are thrilled. There was no mistaking that either baby was a boy, they had their goods out there for all to see.

More importantly though they both did great on the Level II ultrasound. This was the u/s where they measure the lengths of their extremities, count fingers and toes, check all of their vital organs, detail the structure of the heart, check for down syndrome, spina bifida, cleft palate, etc. Both boys looked wonderful and our dr. said he is very happy with their progress. They never stopped moving the whole time and one even sucked his thumb. We couldn't be happier!


Auntie Sara said...

Well, either that is the umbilical cord in the second picture or you have John Holmes #2 on your hands.

HAHA! I had to be the jerk to say it.

Shell said...

woohoo for 2 boys!!!! Congrats!