Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Almost 20 week update

Just a are the twins names all mixed up. They may or may not be missing a letter or two in case someone has the time on their hands to try and figure it out! Forget about it!

Bean bag giraffe and zebra from Jodi and those guys are wierd looking! The animals, not you, Jodi and Jens!

This is the quilt from the bedding set that the twins will have. Grandma Merris will be painting a mural on the walls to match it. The bedding was an early shower gift from Grandma Merris and Grandpa Denny.

I love these little skater shoes! Kevin's mom purchased these for the twins as well as other tennis shoes and clothes.

Jean overalls from the McBride Family. After finding out the twins were boys my sister went on a shopping spree and bought us some really cute outfits!

The ever growing stash of baby stuff.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm back at work and unlike some government employee I know I do actually have to work when I'm there. There hasn't been too much going on except for all the shopping that we are doing and that has been done for us. Thanks to everyone for all the generous gifts, it means so much to us that so many people share in our excitement.

We have started to feel movement so that has been really exciting. Their kicks and punches feel like tiny bubbles on the inside and when Kevin is patient enough he can usually feel it as well. I've been really tired since returning to work and my legs and feet feel like I've ran a marathon by the end of the day. This Friday will be the 20 week mark for us. Technically it means we are halfway through the pregnancy but since they will most likely come early I think its safe to say we are more than halfway there.

As soon as we are able to move the existing furniture out of the nursery Grandma Merris will begin painting the nursery. I THINK we are done registering but it seems like everytime we go to Babies'r'us there is one more thing we forgot.

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Anonymous said...

We'll have to get a couple of skateboards to go with those skater shoes!