Friday, April 17, 2009

Niagara Falls 2009-Day One

How we roll

Getting ready for bedtime

Trying out their new "beds" earlier in the day

Mommy and Anderson in front of the Falls

This week we took the boys for a short trip to Niagara Falls. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was our first "family vacation" and the boys first time ever sleeping anywhere besides their crib at home. It was quite a challenge to pack for despite the fact that we were only going for 2 days. I tried to think of everything we would need and also wanted to bring some familiar things for the boys to make their first night away from home a little easier.

The boys were an absolute dream in the car. On the way there we stopped for lunch and the boys were excitedly telling the people sitting next to us all about the "waterfalls" and "slides" they were going to see. After lunch Anderson fell asleep for a bit but Jake stayed up chatting with us and singing his favorite Sesame songs.

When we arrived we headed right to the Falls. The boys walked along the waterfront enjoying the view and new surroundings. They took a ride in the stroller after tiring out and enjoyed perusing Clifton Hill. We picked up an awesome and unique first birthday gift for our friend Baby Simon while we were there!

When it was time to check in we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge. It was an awesome place for the little people. The boys were in awe of the giant tree, bears and wolves that greet you in the lobby. They liked them but definitely at a comfortable distance. Our room was great, it was HUGE for a hotel room. We had a nice balcony, a sitting area which was the perfect place for the pack n plays, and a mini kitchen. Our package included meals at their resteraunts so we enjoyed a nice dinner. After dinner we took the boys to the arcade where poor Anders bit it and got terrible rug burn under his nose :(. It was going to take a lot more than that to slow him down in an arcade. The boys pushed buttons, loved all the lights and noise and we didn't even have to spend a dime.

We took the boys back up to the room and tried to stick to our bedtime routine. Jake had bigger ideas. He partied till the wee hours of the morning. Laughing, singing, talking to his brother, jumping up an down, it was his own little sleepover. Anderson finally fell alseep admist the one man circus show called Jake. We finally turned on the TV and it took about an hour and half of TV to put him to sleep. I was crawling out of my skin because we try and limit TV. About 3 hours later he woke again and started back up. Then Anderson started coughing and wheezing and I knew that he was sounding croupy. The boys seem to get croup every few months. It was pretty mild, but of course with that and Jake's antics and I didn't get any sleep. In total I would say that Anderson slept 7 hours and Jake about 4-5 hours. A typical night's sleep is about 12 hours for them both.

We had a wonderful first day in Niagara Falls. Bedtime was of course not very fun but we didn't expect too much for their first overnighter.

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