Friday, April 24, 2009

Girl Disapearing

I used to know the girl in the picture. Today she seems so far from memory. She actually asked her husband to take this picture so that one day after she had children she could relish in her once flat stomach, beautiful tan and glamorous life. She spent her days on her. Painting her nails, styling her hair, shopping at will and planning her next social event. She took a lot for granted, saw the world through a very narrow lens, and didn't really quite know the meaning of selflessness.
Some days I miss her, I miss the simplicity of the life she led. I miss her sharp wit and creative thinking. I most definitely miss her flat stomach. I learned a lot from her as I began to realize how much she really didn't know. I'm not really sure when she left and I'm certain she's not coming back. For now I'll keep her memory tucked away, thank her for lessons learned and the perspective she has provided.

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

She left the second you got knocked up! It's true. I was her too. The thing is that I was able to find her again even after I had the babies. Granted, I've only seen her about 2 days since then, but it's possible again.

Go on a girl's trip with your best friend and do something fun as hell! You'll get to be her again. It's a much needed breath of old school fresh air.

It's also good because while that other girl was so fun, you'll realize how much you love being this new girl! :)

I wish we lived closer. We lead such parallel lives! :)