Thursday, April 02, 2009

Future Post

Jan. 19, 2010

What was I thinking ?!?!? I should have never given those binkies back.

After posting last night I decided to give them back. I slipped into their rooms and laid their binkies next to their sweet sleeping faces. Anderson awoke singing the praises of his beloved binky. It took about 30 minutes before he asked to get out of bed. Jake's had somehow fallen onto the floor during the night so he didn't have his but when Anderson showed him he was excited that his friend had returned. I'm relieved to report that they went right to sleep at naptime and slept for 2 hours!! This evening they never made a peep so I'll assume they fell asleep pretty quickly.

Anderson had adjusted pretty well being without it. Had it not been for Jake's madness, he probably would have never seen it again. However I just couldn't give it back to Jake without feeling incredibly guilty. Anderson loved his too, it just didn't feel right. I'm always trying to balance the can be exhausting.

Today Kevin and I took the boys to the hospital to see my Grandfather. He has alzheimer's disease and is not doing well. He stopped eating this past weekend so he was hospitalized and it looks as though he is forgetting how to swallow. He will most likely be moved to hospice next week. Unfortunately it is difficult to tell if he really recognizes anyone anymore. Regardless we will all pull together, surround him with love, and honor the wonderful loving father and grandfather that he has been.

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