Saturday, April 18, 2009

Niagara Falls 2009-Day 2

After a really long night the boys woke up bright and early for some fun at the waterpark. We started off in the toddler area. They had a water slide that the boys could go down on their own. They LOVED that. They went over and over and over again. Kevin and I were exhausted from helping them out of the pool, up the stairs and then racing to beat them back down to the bottom so we could catch them. After we tired from that we tried to convince them to try something else.

I asked someone working their if we could take them on any of the raft rides. She said that they were big enough for one of the family raft rides so we climbed hundreds of stair while holding them, waited close to 40 minutes for our turn, and then proceeded to take them on a terror ride. I ass*umed that it would be a pretty low key ride since she said 2 year olds could ride it but that was a bad assumption. We all loaded up in a circular raft, held on tight to the boys and scared the living daylights out of them. Their little faces were terrified as the raft swung from side to side up the sides of the water tube. It was fast, rough and way too much for little people. I felt horrible for subjecting them to that. They were so frozen in fear that they were trying to talk, cry, scream but couldn't. They were just holding on for dear life hoping it would end soon.
When we reached the bottom the guy that helped us out of the raft radioed up the operator not to let such little ones on the ride. Clearly a mistake had been made. Thankfully no one got hurt.

To settle things down a bit we headed for the lazy river and loaded the four of us up on a double raft. The boys layed across our chests and we did floating laps around the river. They enjoyed the robotic beavers, water pails that the dumped water on your head as you floated by and getting sprayed in the face by the fountains. It was by far my favorite moment with them. Our little family, holding each other close together and laughing in the delight of it all. I lost count of how many laps we took around the lazy river.

After our fun at the waterpark, we went back to our room for some lunch and relaxation. Anderson took a great nap and Jake continued on with his nap strike. We were scheduled to stay another night but with Anderson's croup and Jake's one man circus show we decided to finish our sight seeing and head home to sleep.

Our trip concluded with another trip to view the falls and to ride the SkyWheel. The skywheel was pretty cool. I must admit that I was a little nervous, thoughts of ferris wheel mishaps ran through the back of my mind. The view was incredible and the boys were in total awe. Jake had no fear and Anderson was a little nervous but enjoyed it nonetheless. After our SkyWheel ride we all shared a gigantic carmel sundae and headed home....where everyone slept peacefully.

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