Thursday, April 23, 2009

The new fence

Dad and his well intentioned helpers

Anderson in his self proclaimed "farm"

Anderson has a little pot

Jake loves his slide

Time for an update. We've had lots going on between our mini-vacay, fence installation, wedding anniversary and pending bathroom remodel. The weather is finally starting to turn and we've had a few nice days here and there. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful so Kevin and I are already making plans to make the most of it.

On Saturday we had a fence installed. Not because we are getting a dog...but because we have two active and curious toddlers. The boys listen fairly well, most of them time, but that just isn't often enough for me to feel comfortable letting them run and play with myself as the lone supervisor. I can out run one at a time, but if they head in different directions I can't snatch one up and run/carry him to grab the other. It is an expensive piece of mind but you really can't put a price on that. They love to be outside and I just can't imagine having to keep them in everyday this summer till Kevin gets home from work.
On Monday Kevin and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. We have been together 15 years in total. I love that we have grown up together and if I may brag just a little I think we have done a great job building our lives together. It's hard to remember times before Kevin, he has played such an integral part of my life. I learn daily from him, he makes me laugh, loves me despite my faults and is my best friend. I love him.
The bathroom remodel is indeed pending. We have been dealing with the insurance company, a fired agent handling our case, delays, two construction companies, and now a third quote. I naievely thought the cost would be about a quarter of what it actally is. I'm in sticker shock to say the least. Unfortunately we are not in much of a barginning position. The bathroom needs structural improvements due to a shotty job done by the builder. The house is only 6 years old, it infuriates me.
The boys are doing awesome. Both are speaking in 4-5 word sentences. Their memories are amazing...they keep asking to go back on vacation to the ferris wheel and waterfall. Right now they are obbessed with the movie "Cars". They are seasoned collectors of Mater, Lighting, Doc Hudson, Sally, etc... They spend their days reinacting the movie with their cars, chasing eachother around the house, and reading books with Mom. I love watching their bond with eachother develop and deepen. I can't get enough of them. By 7:30 I'm so ready to put them to bed and an hour later I want to wake them up so I can listen to their chatter and kiss on their little cheeks. I actually miss them while their sleeping.
They make us laugh daily with their random comments. Here are a few:
"Jake, you are making mom nervous"
"I'm scared of monsters"
"I eat losers for breakfast"
"What sound is that"
"I hear the ice cream truck"

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