Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Cuteness

Jake Thomas eating a crab.

Anderson James giving love to the duck I won in the third grade.

Big Browns

Gorgeous greens

The boys are starting to pick up some language. Their comprehension is pretty darn good and their ability to remember things we teach them is great but up until now they really weren't associating words with their meaning. Between the two of them they say, mama, dada, grant-claire (sounds like gra-clr), up, thank you, car, hi, dog, don't touch, and nanny. When asked what the animals say they know dog, cat, cow, lion, frog, bird, bunny, and sheep. They can sign bath, eat, nanny, and more. They can also identify most of the Sesame Street characters. We ask them to point to a certain character and they know most of them. Their is also a bunch of other non-sensical utterings that are pure sweetness.

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