Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A new world

Anderson after conquering the slide

Jake getting ready to do the same

Breaking playground rule numero uno...NO CLIMBING UP THE SLIDES!


Yes, Yes, Yes!

Today when Kevin came home from work, we took the boys to the park that is close to our home. They had a blast! Both of them wandered around in circles. Something would catch their eye and on the way to check it out, something else would spark their curiousity and in the opposite direction they would go. They babbled, yelled out, and giggled the whole time. The different textures of the grounds fascinated them. The playground area was a soft rubbery feel that they liked to touch. The cement was hard under their feet and they realized it hurt much more when they fell. The grass and the woodchips intrigued them and they reached out to touch anything and everything.

We took them down the slides and by the end of the trip they were sliding down by themselves on their belly. They desperately tried to climb up the slides and even though they were like a turtle on his back they never relented. They entered a new world today, a new awareness of the fun that is theirs to have for the taking. When we headed for the car they realized the fun had come to an end and there was hell to pay. Anderson and Jake never screamed so loud and Mommy and Daddy never smiled so wide. I said to Kevin, "At least we know the lights are on." Thank you for today bubbies.

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