Friday, April 18, 2008

Of all the famous people in the world...

We have to see him. Kevin and I went out to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary today. We started the day off at the DIA. We wanted to check out the new renovations and see what all the hullabub was about. The DIA is truly a beautiful place. I love it for about two hours, then I've had enough.
After appreciating some fine art, we headed to Royal Oak for dinner. We wanted to sit outside since it was such a warm sunny day. As we were heading back to the car, Kevin poked me and chuckled "look who it is". I looked around, all I saw was an elderly man and the usual alternatweens that hang out in Royal Oak. Wait, not just any elderly was Dr. Death. That's right, we were standing right next to Jack Kevorkian. He had a clipboard and was collecting signatures for his run for congress. So far my brush with celebrities includes Corey Haim, Kelis, Leslie Stahl, and freakin Jack Kavorkian.

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