Monday, April 14, 2008

Monkeys loving on monkeys

Monkey Plate

Jake with his plate and cup

Anderson with his.

Going to get up and move onto something else...not without my monkeys!

The boys have been "really into monkeys" lately (sorry, inside joke for Kevin). Long story. They love the monkey song by the Wiggles, enjoy saying ei oo ah ah, and looking at pictures of monkeys in their books. So today when we met Kevin for lunch we stopped into Target. We passed some monkey plates, cups, silverware, cookie jars, etc... Immediately Jake started to make monkey sounds and before you know it we were walking out of the store with monkey junk we don't have the space for or really need. We just couldn't resist.

On the way home the boys examined and played with their monkey plates and cups. When we got home I figured they would quickly lose interest. WRONG. They carried them everywhere, played with the cups and plates by their side and then insisted on taking the cups to bed with them. Right now they are snoozing with a monkey cup in hand.

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