Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stitch and Bitch

My lovely embellished burp cloths

Close up but not too close up, they lack in perfection
Another crazy and adventerous day for Uncle Jared, the boys and I. Last week I picked up my Grandmother's sewing machine and decided it was time for a hobby. Not that I have lots of free time, or any free time for that matter, but I've been feeling like I need to do more during the day besides change poopy diapers. My creative energies have been locked away for too long.
So Jared and I headed to the fabric store today and picked out some stuff to get me started. The boys enjoyed touching all the different fabrics and looking at the prints. I decided making some decorative burp cloths would be a good warm-up for the purse pattern I ordered on-line. The above is the result of 3 hours of manual labor and more brain power than I've used to date this year. They are far from perfect, many mistakes any untrained eye could catch but does it really matter? I mean let's be honest, they are going to be used to clean up baby vomit. Hey Jodi... wanna guess what one of your shower gifts is going to be?

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Jens said...

We can't wait to get the professionally made burp cloths! Can I put in requests for patterns?
Jodi and Jens