Saturday, March 29, 2008

All I can do is laugh...

But I really want to cry. The long awaited and highly anticipated photosession happened this afternoon. I was elated that both Anderson and Jake took two great naps today, I foolishly thought that would be the key to a successful photoshoot. Anderson woke up first and upon seeing the photographer he began what became a 3 hour bitching and moaning session. He pulled out every trick he knew, the back arch, the flailing arms, and pure tantrum hell. We'd bring him back to serenity only to have him tailspin seconds later. His face was beat red the entire time and he mananged to scratch his face all up during the constant struggle that ensued.

Jake was in a good mood but wouldn't sit still. If we tried to entertain them with a stuffed animal or tell them we were going to "get them", they crawled towards us trying to "get us". Nothing worked, NOT EVEN SESAME STREET! Kev and I spent THREE exhausting hours plopping them down on the backdrop and chasing them in circles. Right now I feel like I ran a marathon, every muscle in my body aches and unfortunately I don't think I will be rewarded with keepsake pictures. Kev, the eternal optimist, is confident that she got some good ones. I say all she "got" was her well earned check I wrote her.

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