Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snow day !

On our way to the neighbors.

Anderson in back, Jake up front


Snow Babies

We got MORE snow last night but today turned out to be a beautiful day. Not too cold (considering) and lots of sun. We took the boys outside this afternoon for their first romp in the snow. We loaded them up on the sled and pulled them over to our neighbor's house where the kids were playing and had built up a sledding hill. After just a couple minutes, Anderson became unsure of all the activity and didn't want to be on the sled anymore. I held him for awhile and we tried again but he still flip flopped from loving it to being scared of it. Jake on the other hand absolutely enjoyed himself. Kevin sent him down the hill several times and all those times he was smiling from ear to ear when he got to the bottom. Before anyone flames us, the boys do have mittens but they won't wear them for more than 20 seconds. Video coming soon....

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Colleen & Bill said...

We have the same blue sled Tam! Too funny. The twins LOVE it!
By the way... love your new header! And did you cut your hair... it looks great!