Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter was a bust. It would appear that Anderson has a double ear infection. He napped most of the day away and a late afternoon bath seemed to perk him up a bit. Jake is famous for going down to nap fine and then waking up in a fever meltdown. That is exactly what happened this afternoon. Aside from his drippy nose and cough he seemed fine most of the day. He woke up from his nap a frenzied feverish mess. It came as no surprise, I'd rather the virus show its ugly head now while everyone else is sick. So it will be off to the peditrician tomorrow morning for both of them. I still feel like doo doo and Kevin feels like his turn is right around the corner.

On the bright side, there were moments of joy today like every other day spent with the bubbies. Jake made attempts to comfort Anderson when he was upset and hurting. They both walked around the house obbessively in 5-7 foot increments. One trying to upstage the other. I'll upload the video and post it later.

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