Monday, March 03, 2008

Some sweetness to share

Over the weekend the boys were really showing their sweet sides. On Saturday morning, Anderson was having his "empty bottle" temper tantrum. He does this often, apparently 8 oz. of milk is not enough for him and he lets us know it. We usually just lay him on the floor so he doesn't head butt us or hurt himself. Jake was visibly upset by his brother's dismay, so he squirmed his way off my lap, crawled over to Anderson and layed his head on top of Anderson's chest and said "AwwwAwwwAwww". It was SOOOO sweet. Words just can't describe.
Yesterday we went to Panera for lunch. Kevin started to break off some pieces of bread for the boys to eat. Anderson noticed that Jake didn't have any yet, so he took some of his and held his hand out to Jake. Jake opened his mouth and Anderson fed him the bread. I just about jumped out of my seat and repeatedly said to Kevin, "did you see that?"
Anderson and Jake are just blossoming. Everyday they reveal a new peek into their personalities and their hearts. I often find myself lost in my thoughts wondering who they will be, what kind of men will they become and most importantly will they ever realize just how much I love them and how grateful I am for the joy that they have brought into my life.

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