Friday, November 23, 2007

Visit with Santa

Waiting for Santa to arrive.

Here he is and he is locked out of his house.

Jake (L) , Anderson (R), Santa (M) :)

Jake looks slightly frightened but it wasn't from Santa. It was from the 6 of us making crazy sounds to get the boys to smile.

Dreaming of the big red suit and long white beard.

We took the boys to the Village in Rochester today to meet Santa Claus. Cousins, Grant and Claire, joined us because we couldn't have gone without them. It just didn't seem right. Santa is in a sort of a glass enclosed gazebo so you have to wait your turn outdoors. We got there a few minutes before Santa arrived so we were first in line. Unfortunately Santa's elf brought the wrong key to unlock the gazebo which meant Santa had to socialize with us and the other family that was there for 10 minutes while the elf hunted down the right key. Santa was gracious enough but I think it was a little awkward for all....especially Santa. Poor guy deserves a raise!

When we got inside it was nice and warm and the boys watched Grant and Claire tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Of course they got all shy and forgot the hundreds of toys they had just told us they wanted. Let's face it Santa, they'll take anything. Then it was the boy's turn. They communicated to Claire they wanted a bounce and spin Zebra and she was their spokesperson to Santa. Jake pulled Santa's glasses off and Anderson stared at him in a trance. We finally diverted their attention from Santa for a split second and got a picture of them looking at the camera. Afterwards we all had a nice lunch together and then parted ways. Grant and Claire were off to a party and Anderson and Jake were headed for a nap.

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