Sunday, November 18, 2007

Anderson's new obbession

Check out my new penguin jammies.

Hey, I like these funny looking creatures.

I REALLY like these penguins!

More Penguins? I like Jake's penguins too!

Jake says, "Why does Anderson have to be so weird about these penguins?" Anderson (oblivious) just smiles in penguin bliss.

Anderson has taken up a new interest...PENGUINS. Grandma bought the boys the cutest penguin jammies and when we put them on Anderson he was totally enthralled with the penguins on his legs and chest. We called his name, dangled toys in front of him, but nothing would keep him from looking at and touching the penguins he was wearing. When we dressed Jake he then became interested in Jake's penguins. Jake and his penguins managed to escape Anderson by creeping to the other side of the room. Anderson didn't mind, he rediscovered his penguins and went back to touching those. Kevin and I had a good laugh.

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Brent & Heather Harbin said...

okay - I have looked high and low for pjs as cute as these and can't find them! Where did you get them?!?! Also, is that just like a section of that big play yard baby gate thing? I have to keep my kids out of the tree too and was wondering if that was working for you...