Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old Man Winter

Anderson (L) and Jake (R)
Anderson isn't thrilled about going out into the cold....
....but with a little coaxing he gives up a smile.
Jake doesn't mind the big bulky coats and hats.

He likes it!

Getting the boys out the door has never been an easy task. With the cold weather here to stay it is becoming increasingly more difficult. We bought them winter coats shortly after they were born because who can ever pass up the clearance rack? Clearly we didn't buy them big enough so our great money saving idea has landed us paying twice as much than if we had waited till now.

We spent all day yesterday trying to find the boys a nice wool winter coat. We went to every baby store in the entire mall and left with nothing. Luckily we made one last stop on the way home for something unrelated and there on the rack I found the coats I had been searching for by accident. They are a little big as you can see in the pics but they will definitely fill them out in the next few months.

Anderson has developed an complex about the winter coats. Ever since they started wearing them a couple of weeks ago he becomes spastic everytime he sees me coming at him to dress him to go outside. He whines, screams and complains. It is so out of character for him but maybe it is just a side of his personality that we have not met.

The boys have become so much more mobile in the past week! They want to check out everything around them whether it be a thread on the floor or silk flowers in the foyer. It's the main reason I haven't posted much lately. I'm too busy during the day and I'm exhausted after they go to bed.

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