Sunday, November 25, 2007

Claire Turns 7

Anderson, Claire, Jake and Grant

My handsome bubbies

Daddy and a smitten Jake

I love this one! Grant looking at Kevin and Jake looking at Grant.

Jake and Grant

Today was Claire's birthday party, our little Claire Bear is turning 7 tomorrow! The boys had a great time at the party. Many people at the party had not seen the boys since May so they were surprised at how much they have changed and grown. Anderson and Jake enjoyed mostacoli, mozzerella cheese cubes and bread. They did great eating their "big people" food but JEEZ can they make a mess! No cake for them but I did bend the rules a little and let them have a taste of some frosting. I am proud to say they were totally unphased by it. I'm working hard to limit their sugar intake since I have been such a poor eater my entire life.

Anderson helped Claire open her gifts. He bit a nice hole in each package so she would have a starting point for ripping off the paper. Jake waved a couple of times to different people so I was super excited about that. Anderson waved for one day a couple of weeks ago but hasn't really legitimately done it since. Jake also pulled my hand towards him and was trying to turn it over and I couldn't figure out why he was doing it. When I turned my hand over for him he started to laugh and give me baby five! I couldn't believe he initiated that himself, I was excited about that as well.

It was a very fun day and the boys were so well behaved. I know they are just babies but it makes Kevin and I feel so good when people comment on how happy they are and what good tempered babies we have. Of course we think they are wonderful but it is nice when other people take notice as well.

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