Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Only 8 weeks short...

The past 24 hours have been chaotic in the Edgar household. One of our babies got sick for the first time. I was really hoping to make it to the one year mark before that happened. A little breast milk has gone a long way with these two and for that I am grateful. I like to think that those first few weeks that I nursed them as a walking zombie is responsible for the impeccable health records they have had thus far.

Last night Jake had a very hard time settling into sleep and once he did he was up every two hours crying for 15 minutes or so. So the first thing I did this morning was take his temp. even though he didn't feel warm through the night. His little bum registered in at 101.4, not terribly high for a bum temperature but enough for me to take him to the dr.'s office ASAP. I arrived at 8 a.m. just a half hour after taking his temp and sure enough Jake made a liar out of Mommy. The nurse registered 99.8 on her thermometer. Don't you just love it when that happens?

The dr. came in, took a look, and everything checked out just fine. Just a low grade fever and a stuffy nose. Nothing a lot of TLC can't cure. So we made today a jammie and Sesame Street day. The boys lounged around, spent lots of time cuddling with Mommy and watching their favorite friend Elmo perform for them. I'm exhausted after only sleeping 3 hours last night, brings me back to the good ole' days when the babies would want to party all day and night while swigging back the bottles.

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Sara said...

They sound like they were college kids 3 months ago or something. They should come hang at Auntie Sara's. We'll throw back some o.j. and maybe do a shot or two of pop. j/k
Hope Jakers feels better. Give them love for me. I'll be home this weekend. :)