Saturday, June 05, 2010

Warning: Major cuteness ahead

And the potty stories just keep coming. Today we took the boy's to the movies. We stopped on the way to pick up some m&m's. The store did not have a bathroom and Jakey was insistent that he was "hot down there" and needed to pee "willy bad". We were parked on the side of the building and no one was around so we told him just to pee outside. Kevin and the open car door acted as a shield and we told Jake to have at it. His face turned a bit red from pushing but no pee came out. He then informed us in a shaky voice, "Dad, it doesn't work outside. Only inside.".

We went to see Shrek. The boys have never seen any of the Shrek movies, but they do have a McDonald's toy of Shrek and the donkey. Anderson has been asking us for a couple of weeks what the donkey's name is. We've been telling him that his name is just Donkey. For some reason his little mind can't make sense of that because he just keeps asking us over and over as if we are lying to him. So this morning when I told him we were taking them to see Shrek, he said to me, "Now I can finally find out what the Donkey's name is." After the movie started he exclaimed in a happy voice, "Mom, donkey's name is Donkey!"

They are so yummy I could just eat them up.

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