Friday, June 25, 2010

More of the same

So, I'm just sort of excited about the progress with the house. Sadly I've been taking more pictures of the house than I have of my bubbies. It's becoming a bit more real now. Like it might actually be completed by the end of summer. Our original move in date was May 31st. I'm gushing here, because, well living in the worst economy in the country + building a new house = some awkward political incorrectness. It's safe here, only a few people read the blog and if I can't brag on my own blog, where can a girl be obnoxious? Below is the great room, there will be a stone surround on the fireplace that will go from the floor to the ceiling.

This is obviously the staircase and bridge that runs the length of the great room. It will be done in dark wood and iron spindles. The floors will also be a dark wood in the foyer/kitchen and den.

Another view of the house which now has the the frame for the stone work. The frame was installed today, so hopefully the stone will be completed relatively soon. The stone on the outside will be the same as the stone around the fireplace inside.

Tomorrow we're taking at trip to the outlets. I want to scour the Pottery Barn outlet for some new bedding, frames, lamps, and whatever other treasures that might be found.

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Mary said...

It is NOT is excitement and I'm sharing it right along with you. Everything is just beautiful. You know we will be neighbors now =)