Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our bathroom and powder room light

Our foyer chandelier

Light for the upstairs bedrooms

Light above kitchen table

I love this little fun number for the laundry room

Here are just some of the lights we ordered for the new house. We are still dragging our feet on a fan for the living room and outdoor lights for the posts on the back patio. It's funny how my tastes have changed since the last house we built. I guess after living with things for awhile you get sick of them and tastes change. I used to like a lot of big, overstated bling, shiny, scrolly type stuff....kinda jersey girlish. With this house I asked myself "what would pottery barn do?". :) I want to create a very warm, lived in, rustic cottage type feel to the house. I've got plans for chalkboard paint, bead board walls, built ins, benches, and glass bell terrariums. My how the pendulum swings.

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