Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ain't she pretty?

View of the entry way from the living room

Eat in area of kitchen

The house is almost completely bricked. It's taken longer than expected (go figure) because about halfway through the project, they ran out of brick. So of course the crew left and went somewhere else while we waited for the brick to be ordered and delivered. It will still be another week or so before they finish the outside entry way. That will be done in stonework and they have yet to build the steel frame that will support the stone.
They also began drywalling this week and it looks like the garage floors will be poured by the weekend. Our front door was delivered and it is absolutely positively beautiful. We picked it out from a catalog, so we were pleasantly surprised to see just how nice it was in person. I think I have a crush on the door. They won't install it until they absolutely have to due to the concern of one of the trades people damaging it.
The boys and I are having a great time since school let out last week. We've met Kevin for lunch, had a playdate, and tomorrow we spend the day with Grant and Claire. I'm babysitting Grant and Claire every Thursday this summer. Before the boys, I babysat them a few days a week every summer and I'm looking forward to having that time with them again. The neighborhood next door to us is having yard sale, so I'm taking the four kids treasure hunting.

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