Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Weekend

Daddy and Jakey

Decorating some Easter eggs with Grandma

What the Easter bunny left

Time to get to work


We had a great Easter weekend. On Thursday, the boys colored eggs with Grandma. They did a great job handling the fragile eggs and decorating them. The next morning, we met Tina and the kids at the zoo. The boys enjoyed walking the zoo with Grant and Claire, holding hands and talking about the animals. After the zoo, we had a yummy lunch in downtown Royal Oak.
On Saturday, we took the boys to an Easter egg hunt at the church. The boys attentively listened as the priest read an Easter story and then it was off to the hunt. They each filled their baskets with eggs and then turned their eggs in for some trinkets and treats. Afterwards we (the McBrides and my parents) all went out to brunch to celebrate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary.
Easter Sunday was pretty low key in the morning. Kevin cooked us a fabulous breakfast and then we took the boys outside for a bit. The Easter bunny brought the boys some m&ms, some "cars" cars, Disney trading pins and DVDVD's as the boys like to call them. After naps, we headed to my parent's house for an Easter/Anniversary dinner. My mom cooked a huge dinner and had purchased a small wedding cake from the local bakery. We had some extended family over for dessert to celebrate their 40 years. On the way home, Jake told Kevin and I he had had such a great time.

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