Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taking Deep Breaths

Nothing but excitment for the big boy bed

Jake gearing up for what would be a three hour monkey show before falling asleep

Sweet Anderson James loved his new bed. He told me this morning he could "roll around" in it last night.

Guess what mom? In about one hour I'm going to take down the curtains and throw all my brother's stuffed animals on the dresser where he can't reach them.

I've been in this sort of panic attack mode since yesterday afternoon. It's like I'm functioning fairly well on the outside, but on the inside I'm a wreck. It's my own fault, as always it was my big idea and per usual Kevin executed it.

We (I) decided yesterday to take down the cribs and move the boys into their big boy beds. There were many factors at hand....the constant unintentional head banging during the middle of the night from sleeping in such a small space, the fact that bedtime has gone to hell in a handbasket anyways since they moved into the same room, and the looming reality that they aren't babies anymore. They aren't babies anymore (GULP). Well they are to us, but I understand that the rest of the world doesn't see them as that anymore.

So after dinner, Kevin began the process of taking down the cribs and setting up the beds. I pulled out all the new bedding and washed it. Within just a couple of hours, everything changed and there's no going back. Some reading this might find me melodramatic, but please keep in mind that our boys our twins and there are no future plans for another baby. That means we only got to do this baby thing one time and now it's finito for us. There are no do overs, there is no "we'll know better for the next one", there isn't the typical 5-7 years of the baby phase that most parents get to enjoy. Seemingly it's over before it even started. It was blissful and I cherish every precious moment.

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

If you got pregnant with the boys once, you could technically do it again. You could also adopt.

These are the things I tell myself as I see the milestones that make me so proud but also bring me to tears since they are inching their way out my front door way too quickly. Together.

You could have another one in 5 or 10 years if you wanted (whether biologically or not). Anything is possible. Try telling yourself that. Trust me - it totally helps! :)