Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I tasted heaven tonight

The boys got a toy dragon today from McDonalds that they just absolutely adore. Last week, Kevin brought them up to my school for a visit and one of my students was showing them his dragon from McDonalds. For the past week, Anderson has been asking to go to the "dragon store" to buy a dragon. So today, Kevin stopped at McDonalds for lunch and asked if he could just buy a couple of dragons. We used the dragons as a reward for staying dry all day today, as lately that has become a huge feat.

When it was time for bed, the boys were reluctant to give up their dragon. Because after all, "it's their most very favorite toy". After an hour of them screwing around in bed, I went back in and told them that if they didn't settle down, their dragons were going in a timeout. Their dragons aren't even in the same room with them. They were quiet for a few minutes and then they started up again. I went back in their room and told them I was serious, now their dragons had to go in a timeout.

They went bat sh!t crazy to say the least. Put them in a time out, no one really gives a hoot. Put the dragon in a timeout that isn't even physically in the room with them and they can't play with it anyways and their little world comes crumbling down. I let them tire themselves out for a bit before I returned to the room to settle them down. When I did settle them, Jake crawled into my lap and nestled his head on my chest and I assured him his dragon would be okay. We rocked back and forth holding each other as he gently patted my hand with his. It was a taste of heaven to say the least. I get frustrated at my lack of ability to truly describe in words just how powerful those moments really are. As I laid his head on the pillow, he clumsily grabbed me around the neck, pulled me to him and whispered "I love you mom. Mom you are bootiful". I can thank his Daddy for that one.

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