Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a very busy weekend, but we planned it that way and enjoyed every minute. On Friday we took the boys to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. They absolutely love that place! After dinner they got to ride the indoor carsouel at the mall and we made a trip to the Disney store. Santa picked up a couple of gifts, but the boys didn't notice.
Yesterday we headed to Upland Hills Farm with the McBrides. This was our third year in a row, so I guess it's becoming something of a tradition. Anderson and Jake fed the geese, milked a cow and watched a farming demonstration. The best part of our trip has always been the wagon ride through the woods. This year the boys were big enough to get off the wagon and follow the Storybook Trail and they enjoyed that. They were quite the hotshots hiking up the hills through the "dark forest".
After the farm it was time to come home for a nap. After some R and R for the boys, we went to Altermatts. Altermatts is a small ma and pa vegetable stand right down the street from our house. This year they set up a pumpkin patch area with all kinds of painted wooden signs and a couple of cute things for the boys to explore. They picked out their pumpkins and we picked up some peppers and sweet potatoes. Kevin got his favorite Cajun peanuts too.
In the evening, Kevin and I headed out to Royal Oak to celebrate Jared's birthday. Jared had about twenty of his closest family and friends at a celebratory dinner at Bastones. A good time was had by all. After dinner we headed to another night spot for some cocktails. Good times!
Today we took the boys on a long trek to Birch Run. We had a "we're sorry we screwed" up gift card from Pottery Barn and I wanted to use it at the outlet store. Long story short, there were two attempts by Pottery Barn to deliver our media wall unit and both times they failed to produce a complete and quality product. The second delivery attempt was on Friday, Kevin took the afternoon off work to make sure history didn't repeat itself. It did. We were so frustrated at that point we told them to take it all back. We were done. I'm so disappointed, I loved the wall unit. Now we are back to the drawing board. The new TV is sitting on our coffee table and looks ridiculous.
We used their bribery money towards some big boy bedding for when our little guys are ready to make the transition. We bought them matching quilts/shams, the most darling "abc 123" sheet set, and new lamps. After we shopped we headed to Bronners Christmas Store. The boys were in sensory overload. They each picked out an ornament and both of them managed to break it before we paid for it. It wasn't even glass! After the Bronner's experience we stopped in at Zhenders and ended our day with a nice chicken dinner.

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

You put: "We're sorry we screwed" and then put up on the outside of the quotes! That was great! :)