Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tons of Trucks

Kevin and the boys in front of a helicopter

Anderson and Jake with huge grins aboard the school bus

Jake driving the firetruck

This morning we took the boys to a "Tons of Trucks" event at the nearby hospital. They had trucks, semi-trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, shovels, firetrucks, dirt diggers, large machine equipment, buses, helicopters, etc... The best part was they gave kids access to it all. You could get in the driver's seat and lay on the horn, push the pedals and pull on all the switches. The boys enjoyed seeing all the trucks but I think the constant horn blowing was a bit much for them. It was LOUD and non-stop.
Anderson and Jake love to watch the school bus go by everyday from the windows. Whenever we are driving they watch for school buses and get very excited when they finally spot one. You can imagine how excited they were today when they got to actually climb on board of one and sit "like the kids, like the kids". After the trucks we headed over to the baseball fields to watch cousin Grant play ball. When the snacks ran out, the boys started to get restless so home for nap we went.

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