Saturday, May 09, 2009

Slowing Down

I've been neglecting my blog. I'd like to think its because we've had some nice, warm days and I'm too busy making the most of them after being stuck in the house for so long but I'm not sure if that is the case. I think I have writer's block.... I know I have fallen victim to mom brain. I follow a lot of blogs written by MOMs (moms of multiples) and it makes me feel a bit inadequate. They are so witty, creative, intelligent and interesting.

I'll think of things to blog about throughout the day, but when I finally have the time to sit at the computer my mom brain has gotten the best of me. I can't produce any coherent thoughts without an insane amount of effort and concentration. The thoughts used to flow faster than I could type but now there are times I just sit and stare at the screen trying to remember who said or did what. It's crazy.

I was always one to carry a grudge, make a mountain out of molehill, and nitpick. Now.....forget it. I have difficulty remembering what I ate for breakfast yesterday let alone stew about something someone said or did for months or years on end. I guess that is one perk to mom brain. For the sake of this here blog I hope things start to improve. I feel like this is the beginning of the end.

**disclaimer*** (enter mom guilt here) please do not perceive my recent lack of bloggy love to mean I'm any less obsessed or crazy in love with my bubbies.

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Brent and Heather Harbin said...

you know, i get like that too. A lot! But, just remember that you are writing the blog for anderson and jake to be able to read stuff later. that sometimes helps me!

happy mothers day!!!!