Monday, May 25, 2009

My breakfast treat

The belly dancer at the wedding and a completely inappropriate yet funny guest who had been overserved.

Bob, Sean (the groom) and Kevin

Kev and I before we left for the wedding

It is becoming tradition that Daddy makes pancakes or waffles for breakfast every Saturday or Sunday. Today is Monday but since it is a holiday it felt like the weekend. As Kevin was whipping up some waffles, the boys and I were sitting at the table eating. Jakey mumbled something to me with a mouthful of food. I asked him to repeat himself because I couldn't understand him and he said "I love you much mama". What a treat! The best part was that it was completely random. He wasn't repeating or reciprocating in any way.

Our long weekend didn't really turn out how we had planned. Kevin had to work on Friday so the boys and I met up with the McBrides at Partridge Creek. Tina and I had our make up done at Bare Minerals, we wanted to try their products. After that we all did lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Later in the day, Jared and Brian came over for a visit. They played with the boys and afterwards J, B and I went out for a couple of margaritas and a Mexican dinner. It was delish.

On Saturday Kevin and I finished the backyard de-landscaping project. My dad had tore out our bushes that were around the patio so that the boys could have more space to play and enter/exit the patio. He was going to replant them at his house. We replaced the shrubbery beds with grass and re mulched the backyard. We also spent some time perusing the outdoor playscapes and made the decision to purchase one....and pick it up in Grandpa Denny's truck about 10 minutes before the store closed.

Early Sunday morning, Grandpa Denny and Grandma Merris came by to help Kevin start the tedious process of building the playscape. There are literally hundreds of screws, bolts, washers and pieces of wood. None of which is labeled in any way. We knew this going in based on the on-line reviews, but it is still daunting nonetheless. They worked on the playscape for 7 hours. Later in the day we had a wedding to attend at the Detroit Yacht Club. The DYC was really beautiful, it had a lot of traditional charm. The wedding was interesting, Kevin's childhood friend married a girl who is originally from Egypt. They had an ethnic band, a belly dancer and the favors were glass beads from Turkey. They sorta look like an eye and are supposed to keep the "evil/evil eye" away and bring you luck. It was a very nice wedding and I'm happy to have experienced another culture.

Today Kevin and his Dad worked another 9 hours on the playscape. It is about 85-90% complete but the slide is still unfinished which at this point is the most important part to the boys. The boys and I watched Dad working hard most of the day. The boys liked to "help" by constantly picking up tools, wood, and wood chips and handing them to Dad or Grandpa. They got to spend a little bit of time in their "big castle" but the gaping hole where the slide goes was giving me anxiety so their time up there was short lived. Pictures coming soon!

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