Friday, September 19, 2008

Season Opener

We are lucky to have some beautiful orchards and cider mills close to where we live. We have our pick of probably 10 of them all within a short 15 minute drive. Today we went to Westview in Romeo. It was our season opener and Westview did not disapoint.
They have these yummy little evil goodies called flips. They are basically an apple, cherry or peach turnover that has been fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Generally Kevin and I split the sweet stuff, but not today. It was every man for himself. At least I shared mine with the bubbies which is more than I can say for him.
After eating dessert before lunch, we walked around a bit and decided we didn't want to pay 11 dollars per person to enter the "kid area". Eleven dollars each got you a wagon ride, smelly animals to pet, and a giant hay stack to climb. Instead we went over to Frontier Town to check out the Christmas shop and feed some billy goats (for free).
There were SO MANY cute halloween diddies that I wanted to buy, but they would have come at the cost of the boys college education. Uber expensive knick knacks...the Michigan economy sucks right now. It reminds me of when I stepped off the plane in Los Angelos for the first time and paid 3.00 for a pack of gum! Welcome to California....and now Michigan.
Something freaky happened while we shopped at Frontier Town. A girl (yes even at 32 I consider someone my age a "girl") came up to me and asked me if I went to WMU for college. I replied that I did and she said she remembered me from an English class we had together in the Fall of 1994 !! That is just crazy! How she remembered me from a class that only met 16 times, 14 years ago just kinda blew me away. She said that she remembered the day our class found out that a fellow classmate had passed away and can clearly remember looking around the class and that the looks on everyone's faces, including my own, are forever engrained in her memory.
And I always thought I remembered the strangest stuff.

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