Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun with Playdough

Jake enjoying some playdough fun after breakfast this morning.

Hmmm, which one should I eat?

Anderson and Mommy made a snail.

Helping Mommy make a flower.

The boys tried out playdough for the first time this week. They really aren't sure what to do with it....besides taste it. They enjoy when we push their handprints into the dough or make them a snake. What we really need is the spaghetti making thingamajig.

This afternoon we took them to the Village of Rochester for dinner and some play time. Jake has gotten so chattery with his jibberish that he is actually creeping the other little kids out! It is so funny to watch. He'll go up to preschool age children happily yelling his non-sensical thoughts and stories, that clearly make perfect sense to him, and the older kids are totally wierded out. They look to their parents for help and aren't sure what to say back to Jake. We're not too worried though, it doesn't burst his bubble at all. He hasn't quite mastered body language yet. :)

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