Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pre Preschool

Time to ca-la

Anderson James loves to color

Jake colors his caterpillar blanket

Anderson shows off his work

This is Jake's new smile when the camera comes out

The boys enjoy pre preschool each morning with Mommy. We spend time sitting at their table doing puzzles, coloring and stacking blocks. They are pretty good students but there is quite a bit of copying going on. I'm pleasantly surprised at how patient they are with the puzzles and they can color for a good duration of time.

Today we took the boys for a haircut....BIG MISTAKE. Somebody forgot to tell us that the planets were not aligned for a haircut today. We always seem to get stuck with a well meaning, nice enough Dolly Parton look alike lady that just doesn't seem to "get" my request. This will be the third time she has not done what I have asked her to do, in fact she pretty much does the exact opposite that I ask her to do. That is why we are getting haircuts every 3 weeks for the boys which shouldn't be necessary.

The boys didn't want to sit and fought us the entire time. When it was Kevin's turn I put the boys in the stroller to try and maintain some type of order and they screamed bloody murder in protest. And you just gotta love the chuckles from strangers that think my struggle with the boys is "cute" in some strange sick way. I tried to walk them around outside but the chaos continued and I don't even want to relive the struggle that ensued to get them strapped into their carseats to head home. It was UGLY. Insert white flag here.

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