Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Together at Home

We are all home now. Anderson ate well again last night and gained a little weight, which combined with the special lights he was under, helped reduce his bilirubin levels (used to measure jaundice) to a normal range. With that he was discharged this morning and we brought him home to see his brother again.

Tammy has been amazing, her motherly instincts have kicked right in. It's eases my mind to know that when I can't handle something she's right there to show me the way it should be done. Tonight I'm trying to help her get some sleep, because she hasn't gotten much since we've been home, by taking all of the changing and feeding responsibilities tonight, if she'll let me. Her birthday is tomorrow, it's my gift to her, if she'll accept it. It's hard for her not to be awake, checking on them and making sure they are ok.

We are still yet to have a picture taken of the four of us together, we will have to do that tomorrow. We'll have to get some new pictures up soon.


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