Friday, January 05, 2007

Together Again Pictures, and Anderson update.

Anderson is in the room with us. It was a long 2 days without him, but we're very happy to have him with us now. After a successful feeding today and a good sugar level test, he was brought to our room. We were finally together as a family.

See some pictures (but curiously, none of the four of us yet).

Thanks again for all the love, support,comments and well wishes.



Anonymous said...

Love the hats!
Thanks for keeping us updated with the pictures. I can't wait to see new ones tomorrow!
Congratulations and Love to all FOUR of you!
Jodi and Jens

Margo said...

Your boys are beautiful, congratulations, we're so happy for you!
Margo and Mike

Anonymous said...

The twins are adorable! We are so excited for the two of you!
See you soon, Kevin