Sunday, January 07, 2007

Getting Better

Anderson was doing much better yesterday afternoon, after a good feeding he was able to come back to the room with us around 1:00 pm. Both of them are latching on very well now, Jake still seems to have a much larger appetite, but Anderson is definitely eating plenty and passing it through, and as a result he has been much more alert and aware of things around him (as much as a 4 day old can be I guess). It is a big relief. They both went to the nursery again last night and Tammy was able to get the most sleep yet. We went down to be with Anderson and so Tammy could feed him at 3am, it was just about his best session yet, a touch over twenty minutes with a lot less stimulation needed to keep him awake and focused. Tammy is down with him again now, this will be his second feeding since the 3:00 one.

Tammy and Jake are going to go home today, we haven't talked to Anderson's pediatrician yet, so we're not sure about him, we're hoping tomorrow. There is still a lot to be done yet, Tammy has to have some staples removed and they both have to be circed (which I think will happen to both today). Not sure what time we'll be leaving, but the more time with Anderson the better.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that all goes well today and the news is good. Anderson was perfectly comfortable where he was and now you brought him into this big strange world and he has to get used to it. Be patient , they all sound like they are doing as well as they can. Love, Maggie