Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back in the SC

Anderson is back in the special care nursery, although he never technically left, he was still in their care, just spending his time here with us. Yesterday he was doing rather well, and they mainly had him there to finish administering his anitbiotics to prevent serious infection. We were told he could come back with us after an adequate feeding and good sugar level test. We tried once with no luck, but he was fast asleep and was pretty fresh off the dextrose iv. An hour later we tried again with the lactation consultant and he got a good 15 minutes in, an hour later tested well, and was sent to our room. Last night before bed we tried to feed him, but it was a real struggle, he only took in about 10cc and that took a lot of stimulation, where his brother will take 30 without nearly as much agitation. We sent them to the nurseries last night so Mommy could try and get some sleep, Jake to the regular nursery, Anderson to SC. When we called this morning, he only took in 10 cc at his two feedings and that is not enough, they had to give him some additional nourishment through his iv. I spent an hour with him this morning before they kicked me out for the nurse shift change, and Mommy is there now, we're waiting to hear what the doctors have to say.

We were hoping we would all be able to go home today (before the feeding issues last night with Anderson), but yesterday Tammy's doctor stopped in and mentioned he would like her to stay until Sunday. She didn't like the sound of that, but if Anderson has to stay it will be easier all around, saving us trips back and forth, close attention for Tammy and the kids, plus another day of help in these first few days that can be scary is welcome.

They should be getting circed today by Tammy's doctor who has been great, they don't know whats coming. I'm not sure if Anderson will be an issue since he is in SC.

So here's hoping Anderson can learn to enjoy food as much as his dad does.



Anonymous said...

I see that this was written very early in the morning so I see that you are getting prepeared for days ahead. The extra day in the hospital may be a good idea, Tammy is recovering from abdominal surgery AND taking care of 2 beautiful boys that's quite a job for anyone. Keep us posted. Love, Maggeie

Tammy and Kevin said...

Not that early, the times are west coast.