Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mackinac Island

We took the boys on a mini vacay last week to Mackinac Island. Our laptop has pooped out so all the pictures are temporarily unavailable. We met up with the McBrides, they had left earlier in the week to spend some time in Bay Harbor. Everyone had a great time and the trip actually exceeded my expectations.

When we arrived in Mackinac city, we headed over the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula. St. Ignace was pretty low key, not much to do but we did check out a really nice antique shop. We headed back over the bridge for dinner in Mackinac City. After dinner and some shopping we took the boys to the hotel's indoor water park. They had a blast as usual, we topped it off with a trip for ice cream and then headed to bed.

In the morning we took an early ferry over to the island. This was the highlight of the trip for the boys. They loved the boat ride!!! Once we were settled on the island, we rented some bikes and rode the eight miles around the island. I love that there are no cars on the island, it was so charming to see the garbage men collecting garbage by horse and buggy. The views were gorgeous, the homes were unbelievable and the water looked like the Caribbean. We made many stops along the way....the beach, a playground, etc.

After the bike ride we had some lunch at a pub and then wasted no time buying up an insane amount of fudge to take home. Not much fudge actually made it home. Later in the afternoon we spent some time letting the boys play on the beach in the sand. They had a great time burying their toys and digging them back up and they loved the "waves" from the passing ferries.

It was a short trip but a memorable one. Next time I think we'll stay on the island and explore the beauty of the U.P. as well.

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