Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy to announce...

I overreacted!!! They sanded the staircase and put the sealer on it and it looks gorgeous! Sanding it brought it a couple shades lighter, evened out the stain and the polyurethane made it shiny and nice. I couldn't have asked for it to look any better than it does.

Tomorrow they will start painting. Counter tops are supposed to be installed by the end of the week and the stone for the fireplace should be delivered. Next week is light installation and wood flooring install as well. The biggest hurdle we are facing right now is the two story patio in the backyard. They haven't even started that yet and I think it is a pretty big project.

Now on to the good stuff. The boys and I are having a great summer together. We have a play date every week with Simon, meet Kevin for lunch, babysit for Grant and Claire, play outside and spend lots of time cuddled up on the couch reading. A couple of weeks ago we got a DVD from the library called "Meet the sight words". The boys watched it about 5 times and they now know 15 sight words! They have been finding them in books and pointing them out, and Anderson can actually spell a few. I'm amazed at those little sponges!

The boys are so excited about the new house. When we take them into the house, they give the workers a tour. Even though most of the workers don't pay too much attention, my little guys are busy pointing out where mom is going to do the laundry, where our family will be eating dinner and their playroom. It will be so nice to wrap this project up and finally move in.

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