Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chiropractors are NOT quacks

Awhile back I wrote here about all my problems I've been having with my teeth not aligning and my jaw problems. It has gotten so bad over the past few months that I could barely chew my food and if I did, I was in the worst pain while doing it. Even laying the side of my head on my pillow was causing me discomfort and the headaches were constant. I was at a complete loss. My orthodontist couldn't figure out why things were so screwy, my jaw surgeon was treating me like I was crazy and being completely unhelpful and I was at my witts end.

I was desperate and thinking that maybe my chiropractor could be of some help. I hadn't been to see her in a couple of years, but I'm convinced she helped Jake's tortocollis resolve. She did more for him in a few visits than a year of physical therapy had done for him. So I went back to her and explained the situation. She listened and she listened closely. She was able to pinpoint all the areas on my skull and spine that were problems areas.

She did her black magic and I swear the next day I woke up, took my retainers out, bit down and all my teeth lined up perfectly. They were all touching properly and my open bite was gone. I was still in pain with my jaw opening and closing but finally my teeth aligned. I continued to see her over the next three weeks and as of Monday I am almost pain free. I haven't felt this good in months! I really don't know how chiropractic care works and I know a lot of people out there think it's a bunch of garbage but I'm a believer. I'm so thankful to have some pain relief, it was really getting to the point of making me depressed.

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