Friday, March 26, 2010

Anderson draws his Daddy

Anderson's self portrait

Anderson draws Daddy

The boys have many common interests, but as they grow it becomes easier to identify their differences. Anderson enjoys being "taught". He is a good listener, follows directions and has the patience needed to learn a new skill. Today he and I practiced drawing faces. I guided his hand for about three or four attempts and then let him have at it. The above pictures were done completely on his own with no help whatsoever from me. It is the first time either of the boys drew something that actually resembled what it was intended to. I was thrilled with his results.
Jake sat down to do some drawing, but he quickly tired with the lesson and threw in the towel. He'd much prefer to figure things out for himself. Jake likes to investigate how things work, doesn't take to direction well and likes to work independently. His big accomplishment over the past week or two is learning to ride his tricycle. He has been peddling all around, steering himself and even peddling uphill.
It's a fine line to walk when you have two little guys the same age developing differently. Last week we gave Jake lots of praise for riding his trike and we noticed Anderson had lost the wind in his sails because he has not been coordinated enough to pedal on his own yet. Today was the opposite. Anderson excelled at something that his brother just isn't mature enough for yet, and Jake was moping around like the odd man out. Its so hard because as their mommy, I want to praise and encourage them but at the same time I feel like I'm deflating the other's self confidence.
It seems now that Jake is so good on the bike, Anderson doesn't even want to try and ride anymore and vice versa with the drawing. We talked a lot today about how different people are good at different things. Ugh, this is going to be tough.

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