Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One week post op

I put some make up on for the first time today, from the looks of the picture I should have put it on my bruised neck as well. Kevin assures me I'm still very swollen and I hope he's right. I'm looking a bit more filled out than I expected. Smiling (half smiling I should say) takes a tremendous amount of muscle coordination and effort at this point, the things one takes for granted.
I'm really missing food. My pain has subsided to a tolerant level so now I'm torturing myself with thoughts of eating. Soup, nutritional shakes and oatmeal get real old real quick. I want my carbs...heavenly crunchy carbs! I've been desperately considering soaking my beloved cheez-its in a bowl of water so that I can just get one little taste. I feel like I could chew but the dr. has restricted me until further notice. I don't return for another check up till Dec. 30th.

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