Saturday, July 04, 2009

Our weekend so far..

Brothers hand in hand



Peek a boo


We've had a busy weekend and it's only Saturday night. On Friday we ran some errands and ended up buying some new leather couches for our living room. We've been talking about it for a while, but we talk about a lot of things that never come to fruition. We just happened to come across some that we liked and the price was right so we snatched them up. Since the boys arrival, our couches have taken a beating. The main problem were splashes of milk that would dry on the couch and I had a bad habit of cleaning them up with baby wipes out of convienence. Not a good idea. The leather has kinda dulled and something about the sheen just wasn't right. Not to mention about 6 months ago Kevin broke the frame. We fixed it (with a staple gun) but it wasn't going to last much longer so these new couches were gonna happen sooner than later.
Later in the day on Friday we took the boys to Rochester Park. Auntie Sara came with us and took all of the above great pics of the boys. The boys spent a long time "skipping" rocks in the stream, that was by far their favorite part. We took them on a long walk and they got to see the ducks. Then it was home for dinner and bed. After the boys were in bed Kevin and I grabbed dinner and met up with some high school friends of Kevin who were in town from out of state.
Today we spent the first part of the day around the house. Kevin took the boys grocery shopping and I stayed home to prepare food for the bbq at the McBride's house. After the boys non existent nap we headed to the bbq. The boys enjoyed time on the slip and slide, swinging on the porch swing their cousins and lots of yummy food. By six they were starting to drag from skipping their nap so we were home by 7 and they went right to bed. As I type this their Dad is sleeping(snoring) also, apparently he was wiped out as well.

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