Thursday, June 18, 2009

We got mail

Tearing through the packing materials

Jake and his Big Belly Bank

Anderson happy about his

Last week I saw the cutest bank in a little speciality shop in downtown Rochester. They only had one bank, so I looked on-line and found quite a few stores selling the banks. They are called Big Belly Banks and come in a variety of styles. I found a store on-line that personalizes the banks so I bought three of them. Two for my boys and one for Baby Simon's first birthday.

The boys have been looking at pictures of the Belly Banks on-line and watching the demonstration video of how it works. You put the money in the mouth of the animal and watch it zig zag down into the belly of the bank. They have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their banks, so when they arrived today the excitement level was pretty high. We spent a lot of time "feeding" their coinasaurus!

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