Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random thoughts

We've been taking full advantage of the warmer weather. When Kevin comes home from work we usually head outside, eat outside and stay outside until bedtime. The boys never tire of the outdoors. Today they were throwing their "bouncy, bouncy balls" around telling us it was "amazing". They amaze me.


The boys have been calling their Daddy "Kev". It is so precious to hear that. If I am calling for Kevin or when the boys try to get his attention they will yell out "Kev, Kev". When we ask them what my name is they always look puzzled and say "Mom".


Tomorrow will be my last day of work till September. I have never written a single word on this blog about my work because I struggle with the guilt that goes with being a working mom. I have to say though that returning to work part time has been a very positive experience. The boys wake around 7 leaving me almost 4.5 hours of precious play time with them before I have to leave for work. I am there to see their precious sleepy faces when they wake, I prepare and feed them their breakfast, change their diapers, and dress them. I love that I am the one that can do this for them.

We do the grocery shopping, go for walks, play in the yard or attend story time. While I am at work, the boys eat their lunch, play a bit and nap from 1-3. Usually I am home within a short time of them waking from nap. Most importantly though, the boys are well cared for by their grandmothers in our home. They are in a safe, loving (that's an understatement), and nurturing environment. Kevin and I know how lucky we are to have this arrangement, without it I would have never been able to leave the boys. That being said I am looking forward to spending the upcoming summer days with my bubbies.


The bathroom remodel will be starting within the next couple of weeks. This weekend we need to pick out some tile. That is easier said than done with two active toddlers in tow.


My orthodontic treatment has come to an end. My teeth are aligned and ready for surgery. That is great news, the bad news is I can't have my jaw surgery till November at the earliest due to insurance reasons. This means I will have to unnecessarily wear the braces till then. That sucks.


Anderson has had a rash for 3 weeks on his face and arms. We took him to the dr. and they told us it was secondary dermatitis. We figured it was from his sunscreen. So after some research we bought some California Baby for him. Seventeen dollars for just a couple of ounces!! The rash remains so back to the dr. he will go on Friday. It seems like we just laid the tooth/abcess debacle to rest and now we are dealing with this.


I will conclude with a confession. Jake ate Costco's version of dippin dots for dinner. Our super eater is on a hiatus and something about them not eating pushes the outer limits of my sanity. I have this innate drive to feed them, even if it is ice cream.

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