Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some New Pictures

Bubble Time

Jake has become great aiming the bubbles at his face

Anderson couldn't be more happy

This never gets old

Claire and the bubs riding on the glider

We had an interesting start to our day, Kevin found Anderson in a pool of regurgitated blueberries when he went to get him from his crib. The sweet little guy never made a peep last night, but at some point he had to have not been feeling well. His jammies and bedding were just covered in disgusting blueberry yuckies. Despite my best washing efforts, his bedding is stained and ruined. More importantly he seems to feel okay. He is in business as usual mode, so for that I am relieved.
Grandma recently bought the boys some bubble fans. They are obbessed with these things! They love to dip, push the button and watch the magical bubbles fly around their heads. It only took two uses for them to run the battery dead and use up all the bubbles. They have been replaced now and the boys can resume their obbessive behaviors.

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